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This is the Top portion of each page of the signature petition. 

This picture below is the full page.  Each page has 6 signature slots, except for page 4 which only has 3 signature slots.  Total signatures per petition are 21.

SAFE Committee

Save Alameda For Everyone (SAFE) is a committee formed to recall DA Pamela Price. It is composed of former Alameda County prosecutors, victims and victims’ families, community activists, and everyday residents of Alameda County. Our two principal officers are Brenda Grisham, the mother of a homicide victim, and Carl Chan, a community organizer and public safety advocate.

The organization is made of additional members who serve on one of two committees. The Finance Committee ensures that SAFE has the funds necessary to get the recall on the ballot. The DA Working Group is composed of current and former prosecutors that are subject matter experts and available as speakers for community meetings.

We achieved our first milestone last Thursday by receiving approval of our recall petition by the Registrar of Voters. We can now formally begin the signature gathering process.

Our second milestone will be gathering signatures to qualify the recall for the ballot within the 160-day timeframe ending on March 5, 2024. The signature requirement is 73,195. We are aiming to obtain 90,000 signatures across Alameda County to provide a comfortable buffer to qualify for the ballot. At the same time, we will have fundraising benchmarks to make sure we are raising enough to pay for the professional signature gatherers.

Once we qualify, we will formally begin our campaign efforts. We will hope to engage DA Price with open debates, talk to community members, and take an active role in rallies for victims’ rights. 

To execute this effort successfully, we are primarily in need of financial support. If you can contribute or host a fundraiser, the dollars we raise now will go to pay professional signature gatherers to qualify the recall for the ballot.

If you are able and interested in volunteering, we are now organizing signature gathering drives to collect the 90,000 signatures we need. You can also collect signatures from your friends and neighbors who are registered voters in Alameda County.  Sign up on the Join Us page on this website.

Official signature petitions have been printed.  But, there’s so much interest in recalling Pamela Price that they are handed out almost immediately after printing.  You should now see signature gathers in the community.  By the end of October, we expect to have enough printed and a system that we can get them out to you.  Please be patient.

Electoral Questions

The Recall is a process proscribed by both State and County law. It allows an elected official to be recalled by the voters beginning 90 days after taking office.  The process requires proponents of the recall to follow particular steps including: filing a notice of intent to recall, allowing the elected official to make a response, obtaining a minimum number of verified voter signatures to get on a ballot for election, and for voters to decide through the democratic process to either recall an elected official or allow that official to stay in office. The entire process is overseen by the Registrar of Voters, advised by County Counsel, and decided by the Voters.

Once the Registrar of Voters certifies the Recall Petition, SAFE has
160 days to collect the requisite number of signatures. We are targeting March 5, 2024 as the deadline. Those signatures must be obtained from Alameda County registered voters. Which will then be submitted to the Registrar for verification.  [CA Elec. Code 11224, 11225]. State law indicates that the Registrar will have between 30 and 60 days to complete the verification process.  Once complete, the Registrar will “certify” the petition to the Board of Supervisors. [CA Elec. Code 11227].  We anticipate this happening no later than May 4, 2024.  The Board of Supervisors then is required to order an election within 14 days of the certification.  [CA Elec. Code 11240] 

The County Charter states that the Board of Supervisors must either (1) call a special election on a date 35 to 40 days after the date of the order, or (2) consolidate the recall with another election that will be held within 60 days and covers the same territory.  [County Charter Section 62] The California Elections Code allows for the Board to either (1) call an election on a date 88 to 125 days after the date of the order or (2) consolidate the recall with a regularly scheduled election to be held within 180 days. [CA Elec. Code 11242].

We anticipate a Special Election taking place in June of 2024. The timing will ultimately be determined by the Alameda County Board of Registrars but we aim to complete our signature gathering to make a special election.

While we anticipate that SAFE may endorse a candidate in the future, we are laser focused now on making sure the recall qualifies for the ballot.

When the Recall process succeeds, the replacement process will take place simultaneously during the Special Recall Election.  Voters will be asked to vote “yes” or “no” on the Recall of DA Price.  Whether the voters cast “yes” or “no,” they will be asked to select a replacement candidate should the recall succeed.  The candidate who receives the most votes, will be elected the new District Attorney of Alameda County for the remainder of the DA’s 6 year term.

73,195. Pursuant to Section 62 of the Alameda County Charter, “any elective…county or township officer may be recalled by the electors at any time after he/she has held his/her office six months.”  Section 62 proscribes the number of signatures required for a recall election as to an official holding county-wide office: “[the] petition shall be signed by qualified electors equal in number to at least fifteen percent of the entire vote cast within the County for all candidates for the office of Governor of the State at the last preceding election at which a Governor was elected.”

According to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, in the last elections for California Governor, which was held in November 2022, a total of 487,969 votes were cast in Alameda County for all candidates for that office. Fifteen percent of that number is 73,195.

Why Recall? Questions

In less than nine months, DA Price has violated victims’ rights, ignored victim pleas and disrespected people who have been victimized by some of the worst crimes imaginable.  She has told mothers that the lives of their children are worth less than the lives of the offender. DA Price has unapologetically empowered criminals in an unprecedented way by refusing to charge cases, lowering sentences, and gutting the District Attorney’s Office of experienced, competent prosecutors.  DA Price has replaced those dedicated prosecutors with unqualified and often incompetent individuals who have never fought for victims or prosecuted a criminal case. DA Price has directed those same individuals to misrepresent the strengths of criminal cases and lie to victims and their families about basic criminal procedure. 

DA Price has unabashedly contributed to the fear families now feel when they walk down the street in their own neighborhood, drive on the freeway or even go to the local grocery store.  Residents of Alameda County now live with a palpable fear of being robbed at gunpoint, carjacked, shot, or assaulted.  DA Price has sent a message loud and clear:  the only people facing the consequences of crime are the victims.

One former Prosecutor stated in her resignation letter: “Pamela Price and her administration are putting criminal defendants, criminal suspects before victims, before the community.”

A second Prosecutor who resigned wrote, “Your continued depletion of the resources allotted to the prosecution of cases has led to unimaginable caseloads.  But for the extraordinary efforts and talent of the deputy district attorneys employed prior to your taking office, neither the victims’ nor the defendants’ rights would be served.”

Another former Prosecutor said: “Your policies have led to violent offenders celebrating the lack of consequences in Alameda County and our communities are suffering.  At a rally you attended, a recently paroled killer stated, “We getting out left and right.  We can do whatever the f*ck we want out here.  We kings out here.”

Every day, people feel less and less safe.  Women are afraid to walk down the street.  Older couples are being preyed upon.  Drivers are afraid to honk their horn or even make eye contact with other drivers.  The fear is growing.  The need to be afraid is growing.  Price is hoping that our fears become the ‘norm.”  DA Price is hoping we just get used to being afraid.  Meanwhile, our tax dollars are paying to provide her with 24-hour security.  It seems like every other day we read about a murder, carjacking, or freeway shooting.  Criminals are being emboldened to commit more violent and more brash crimes.  Homicides are down…for now, but every other crime statistic is up and rising. 

Why now?  Because we as a community must refuse to allow fear to become the “norm.”  We must refuse to live as constant victims.  We must fight for not only the safety of our own families, but the safety of our neighbors, our elders, and our communities.  DA Price has over 5 years left on her term.  Looking at the damage she’s done in 9 months, does anyone who cares about this community think we should wait for another 5 years, another 5 months, another 5 weeks?  How many more people will we allow to be victimized?  `


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